Monday, August 11, 2014

MY IMPRISONMENT AT HARBORVIEW: UPDATE or Thanks for the lobotomy Ma!

I got discharged from Harborview today due to the excellent efforts of my public defender Marian Naden (who is always thanks again Marian).

The first thing I have to say is that when you are abducted by the EMT goons (one of whom had a gun tatooed to the back of his right wrist.) and manacled to a gurney for over 48 hours and urinating myself over three times due to the fact that it is humanely impossible to break through steel manacles with your wristbones) and much more comfortable to piss yourself...huh? where was i.

The first thing that happens when you are put into a "psychiatric ward" is that everyone assumes you have no insight or self knowledge..they also assume that you are a Christian (which I am not ...I;m a Taoist/Buddhist).  They also assume that you are totally okay with the mindfuck/Christian fundmentalists known as ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOS (sp?)_who cares AA. bunch CHristian bullshit...and what is the absolute worst about a psychiatric ward is that NOBODY WILL LET YOU SMOKE A FUCKING CAMEL CIGARETTE.) FUCK THAT SHIT.  I COULD TOLERATE MOST THING S but not letting me smoke a cigarette..that is un-fucking-AMerican.  

Anyway I was discharged and im beginning to enjoy being a ex-patient.  THat is all.  Oh yeah the doctors are all control freaks, they have a sadistic German nurse who likes to wear tight clothes that show her great ass and tits, they have a buncha Jesus freak nurses too, they also...and this is the big one...have a nurse who may possibly have Munchausen Syndrome By-Proxy....that's a doozy.

NEW UPDATE: My investigation of  Seattle's WaterWorks AND the upcoming plot of my new NOVEL Night of the Space Zombie Vampires aka Blue Moon Zombies/Vampires....all facts will be revealed on Thursday.


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