Thursday, February 21, 2013

Depth map system technique example #2 or How to make it 3D. 8)

What is a depth map system?

Good question! Thanks for asking! 

The depth map displacement system is a visual algorithm (similar to Painter's algorithm) which is used in computer graphics to simulate 3D in a 2D image (z-depth).  

Z-buffering made simple! 8)

 There is more to the depth map system than meets the EYE


Do you really want to know what the depth map system is? You do? GREAT! 

It is a way of adding a third dimension to a two dimensional object. 
What a concept! 
Its almost like 
looking into the 

4th dimension

8)8)8)8)8) = infinite kif
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depth map with displacement 
For a 72dpi scanned 2D image, the amount of displacement to achieve parallax is usually 1-10 depending on what you want to achieve. 
Ex: default X=10,Y=0
Too much displacement can cause tears in the depth map. if depth map tearing occurs on image...
Usually tears occur due to  abrupt edge transitions. This problem can be solved by using Gaussian blur to soften depth map before displacement. 8)
*stroboscopic animated GIF illustrates 
parallax shift on X axis. ex. X=10,Y=0
depth map system
((dark tones = far),(light tones = near))
*greyscale tones are used to indicate depth based on Painter's algorithm.
original image
drawing using ink pen and color dye marker on paper at 200 dpi.